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Shopify Checkout | Mystery Gift Offer
Shopify Checkout | Mystery Gift Offer

Checkout strategies to help boost AOV!

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Present customers with a delightful and surprising Mystery Gift at checkout, maintaining brand value while offering discounts. Leverage Mystery Gifts to segment customers, elevate Average Order Value (AOV), and efficiently manage inventory.

Create a sense of urgency and enhance conversions by framing Mystery Gifts as "Limited Time Offers." Effectively tag and segment customers who opt for a Mystery Gift with precision.

Today you will learn how to:

  1. Create a Mystery Gift product in Shopify

    1. Set a compare at price to increase perceived value.

    2. Map SKUs (or other identifiers) for fulfillment if needed.

    3. Optionally assign a limited amount of inventory to create urgency and scarcity.

  2. Set up an automation to tag customers that purchase a mystery product.

    1. These customers can be targeted for future campaigns.

  3. Create your Rebuy checkout extension.

    1. Use persuasive language to improve conversions

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