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Gift With Purchase Best Practices
Gift With Purchase Best Practices

Learn how to get the most out of our GWP widget.

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There are key benefits to using gift with purchase (GWP) offers in your sales strategy. First, GWP offers inspire brand loyalty when word spreads about your free gifts. Second, you can use GWP offers to manage your inventory (buy X get Y). Finally, GWP inspires your customers to spend more which increases your AOV.

Rebuy makes it easy to create GWP campaigns that help you boost sales on BFCM and beyond. For example, when a GWP offer is accepted Rebuy automatically adds the gift to the cart for instant satisfaction. Because your customer doesn't have to search around to add the gift item themselves, you save them time.

Data Source

When editing the data source, it is best to set the time period for the specific sale. This way you don't have to lift a finger when the sale period launches.

Widget Settings

Since there is no visual aspect to the Gift With Purchase Widget, no editing of the layout is required. If you're using Rebuy's Smart Cart we will automatically set the add to cart redirect to none. If you WANT it to redirect to the cart, you can change the settings shown below.

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