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Smart Cart Discount Codes

This Article Will Give You an Overview of the Smart Cart Discount Capabilities!

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Smart Cart Discounting

The Smart Cart supports various types of Shopify discount codes, allowing your customers to input these codes directly in the cart to see their discounts before proceeding to checkout. Here are the Shopify discount types that are supported by the Smart Cart:

  1. Order Discounts: Discounts that apply to an entire order.

  2. Product Discounts: Discounts that apply to a single product in an order.

  3. Buy X, Get Y Discounts: Discounts based on the total number and type of products in an order.

  4. Customer-Specific Discounts: Discounts that are specific to certain customers or customer segments.

  5. Free Shipping Discounts: Discounts that reduce the shipping price to $0, making shipping free for the customer.

To utilize these discounting features with the Smart Cart, you'll need to create and manage your discounts within the Shopify Admin portal. The Smart Cart simply displays the discounts that you have set up and enabled in Shopify. It does not perform the discounting action itself.


  1. Create Discounts in Shopify: Use the Shopify Admin portal to create various types of discounts such as Order Discounts, Product Discounts, Buy X Get Y Discounts, Customer-Specific Discounts, and Free Shipping Discounts.

  2. Enable Discounts: Make sure to enable the discounts you've created so that they are active and ready to be applied by customers.

First Step:

Log into your Shopify Admin Portal, click 'Discounts,' and 'Create discount.'

Second Step:

Choose the discount type you would like to create, and build it.

Third Step:

Once your discount has been built in the Shopify Admin, navigate back to the Rebuy Admin, Smart Cart, and enable the 'Discount Code Input.'

Fourth and Final Step:

Configure the following to your specifications:

  1. Discount Code Label

  2. Discount Label

  3. Discount Button Label

  4. Discount Invalid Message

Thats it! Your customers will now be able to use your discounts as configured within your Shopify Administrator portal.


  • How do I enable Smart Cart?

    • You can find a step by step guide on how to enable Smart Cart here.

  • How do I build a Shopify discount?

    • Visit the Shopify Help Center here for more information on discounting capabilities.

  • Will discounts in the Smart Cart discount at the line item level?

    • Discount codes applied in the Smart Cart will only reduce the Subtotal and will not be applied to individual line items.

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