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Rebuy Widget Installation Definitions

Definitions of the different installation states of widgets

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To display a widget on your website, you need to install it. There are four statuses that a widget can have to determine its visibility on the site. You can learn how to install them via the two different methods based on which theme your store is running.


Here, the widget is set to be visible and is currently installed. This implies that customers can see the widget and its associated behaviors on your website, assuming rules are met in the data source. This is the status you will be in when your widget will be fully operational in production.

This does not apply for post purchase offers. For these widgets you will need to look at the post purchase flows page to see which offers are live.


In this case, the widget is not set to be visible but is still installed. It will show onsite only when Rebuy is in preview mode. This means that only you, as a site administrator, can see the widget while viewing your site in preview mode. You will know it is not in live mode if the toggle for live mode is toggled off.


The widget has been set to be visible to all customers, but it is currently not installed on your theme. This means that customers will not see the widget, and it will not show on Rebuy's preview mode. To make it visible, you will need to install the widget, which will then move it to the live / installed state.


Finally, when the widget is not set to be visible and is not installed, it is in this status. If you choose to install the widget, it will only be visible when Rebuy is in preview mode.

Ensuring that the widget is installed is crucial for its proper functioning and allowing customers to see it on your site. Having a live / installed status is the most optimal as it ensures that the widget is visible to all customers.

If you encounter any issues during the installation process, please check our troubleshooting guides or contact our customer support for assistance.

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