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Why Isn’t My Widget Showing?
Why Isn’t My Widget Showing?

This guide will walk you through some of the most common troubleshooting steps for getting a Rebuy widget to show.

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There are several reasons why a widget might not be appearing on your store. We'll cover the common reasons and how to solve them here.

Is the widget installed on this page?

If the widget is not installed it will not render, so first confirm if the widget is installed on that specific page. To do this, view your store in preview mode by clicking "ONLINE STORE" from the Rebuy Admin > Dashboard tab.

Once in preview mode you'll see the Rebuy preview bar at the bottom of the page, click on the "Rebuy Data" button, this will open a window showing you the ID of each widget installed on that page, it's data source ID and the widget status, it should be in ready status.

If the widget you're looking for is installed and in ready status, please move on. Otherwise you need to install the widget first, then confirm the installation using the steps above.

Is the widget in live mode?

If a widget is installed and in live mode it is viewable to customers. However, if it's in preview mode you won't see the widget unless you're also in preview mode (see above).

In the Rebuy Admin, click on that widget to open it's settings and toggle live mode on or off. Widgets are in live mode by default when created.

Are the data source rules matching on that page?

The Data Source is what powers your widgets recommendations. We have several default Data Sources such as “Top Sellers" and our “Recommended(AI)”, but if you use a custom data source (to personalize your recs) it’s possible that the widget isn’t showing for a number of reasons.

Let’s say you want to show the customer “Product A” if they are on “Product Page B”.

If you are on “Product Page C” then the rule won’t match and the widget won’t display!

Let’s say we ARE on the correct product page, but the widget still isn’t showing. If the item being recommended is out of stock, and the data source is set to not recommend OOS products, then the widget won’t display!


If you've confirmed your widget is installed on the page you're on and confirmed the data source rules should be matching on that page but the widget still is not appearing, please contact Rebuy Support so we can assist you.

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