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Why Isn’t My Widget Showing?
Why Isn’t My Widget Showing?

This guide will walk you through some of the most common troubleshooting steps for getting a Rebuy widget to show.

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Preview Mode/ Live Mode

One of the most common reasons a widget isn’t showing is because it’s on preview mode! There is a “live mode” switch in the “general” section of every widget's settings! When live mode is not enabled, the widget will only be visible if you click the “Preview mode” link just beneath the live mode switch. This is great for testing widgets on your live site WITHOUT customers being able to see/ interact with it!

The Data Source is not returning any products!

The Data Source is what powers your widgets recommendations. We have several default Data Sources such as “Top Sellers and our “Recommended(AI)” sets, but if you use a custom data source (to personalize your recs) it’s possible that the widget isn’t showing for a number of reasons! Let’s say you want to show the customer “Product A” if they are on “Product Page B”. If you are on “Product Page C” then the rule won’t match and the widget won’t display!

Let’s say we ARE on the correct product page, but my widget still isn’t showing. If the item being recommended is out of stock, and the data source is set to not recommend OOS products, then the widget won’t display!

The widget is not in the correct file.

Most Shopify themes tend to use the same structure for the site! Rebuy leans on this structure to try and make it easy to install widgets to the correct files. Occasionally, some themes will use more files than others and manual installation may need to occur! For example: When installing a widget to a product page, Rebuy will look for the “product.liquid” file in the “Templates” section of a theme and install the div there when you click install. You may instead have another file that you opted to use called “product-template.liquid”. You’ll need to move the div into there and it should popup as expected!

  • If none of these checks fixed your widget issues, reach out to support for help!

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