URL Rules and Best Practices

Generally, the best place to use a URL-based rule is on special landing pages for promotions, directing specific traffic, and on your Shopify Blog pages! On landing pages, you can present a popup right when the customer gets there, or you can promote specific items based on the content of the URL! Checkout some examples below.

Blog Post Example:

Using the URL based rule allows you to cross-sell directly on your blog posts! No need for creating a widget for each blog post, just create multiple rules, with a different URL check and you can change the recommendations for each post!

Landing Page Example:

As mentioned above, you can show a widget on a landing page (works great with a popup!) by using a URL-based rule! Get out there and try it out!

Advanced UTM Example:

The UTM is unique in that we capture any UTM arguments, then store them as a session cookie, and pass them up on each request, so the a URL rule with contains utm_campaign=sauce-promo will match throughout the entire session โ€” so a merchant can use different language on product, cart, checkout widgets, etc for the entire session! This is a bit more advanced but super powerful!

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