Many merchants will use the date-based rules for certain things such as special promotions or a gift with purchase. This way they can set the rules up and have them ready to run when the promotion is in effect and end when the promotion is finished without having to log on to Rebuy and manually "activate"/"deactivate" the widget.

Configuration of Date and Time


Here is an example image of a commonly used date rule for a gift with purchase type widget.

In this example, we would automatically add a gift to the cart between the 3rd and 5th of the month, as long as the cart subtotal was above $59!

Pro tip: Make sure to test out the initial qualifying rules before. You can use the Rule Set Previewer or test out the widget and data source rules on the live store while havening the widgets "Live Mode" turned off and enabling Rebuys preview mode by clicking "preview mode" from the widget settings or adding ?preview=true to the end of the url for your store. Make sure all regular functionality is working as expected, then set the date rules and turn the widgets "Live Mode" on.

If you aren't seeing the widget, it's likely because you aren't in the specified time range!

Now your campaign will run during the specified time from the Data Source Settings!

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