Enabling the Integration!

In order to connect Recharge to Rebuy you will need to open up the Recharge app in one tab while you have the Rebuy app open in another tab. This is needed for the O-Auth connection to work properly.

From the Rebuy admin, head to the "Integrations" tab in the left-hand column and click "Recharge".

Select the Appropriate Checkout

Be sure to select the proper checkout that your Shopify store is using. The default is the Recharge checkout (with the option to add a custom checkout domain if you have one), and the Shopify checkout for merchants on the Recharge Shopify Checkout Integration.

Recharge Checkout

Shopify Checkout

From here you should be set to use in checkout recommendations, switch to subscription in the smart cart, 1 click reactivation campaigns and more!

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