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Troubleshooting: Recharge Reactivate Campaigns
Troubleshooting: Recharge Reactivate Campaigns
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This doc will be going into detail on how to test the recharge reactivation campaign and determine if there are any issues. If there are any issue you have while following this, please send us a support ticket. This doc will go over two procedures: Live and Preview. For the first test, we will be working to test a reactivation campaign that has already been set up and set to live. For the second test, we will be testing a reactivate campaign that hasn't been set to be visible to customers yet.

Testing When the Campaign is NOT Live

Once you have made a campaign, you're ready to test it, but you don't want it active (live) just yet, you'll want to preview the campaign.

Once previewing a campaign, preview an email for a user.

Testing When the Campaign is LIVE

Assuming that you have set your campaign to 'active' and the queue is on and you'd like to test the feature, you'll want to go to your Shopify Admin > Apps > Recharge >Customers and 'Add Customer.' They don't have to be a valid user. In fact, for many reasons it may be best not to set them up as a valid user. The only thing that's important is that the email of the user should be the email you want Rebuy to send the reactivation email to. (Note: this may be subject to change as this is Recharge's platform. If the invalid user doesn't work then try the steps again with a valid user.)

Then, while still on Recharge admin, you'll want to add a product to the user and then cancel said order. This will add the user to Rebuy's email Queue.

Once that is done, you'll need to wait approximately 20-30 minutes for the email queue to fire off it's next round of emails. In the meantime, you can check to see that your user appears in the queue through Rebuy Admin by returning to the active campaign and previewing or checking the queue,

Once you have obtained an email, then re-activate the subscription.

After that, follow the steps to reactivate on your site. If there are any discount codes, ensure that they are properly added to the order.

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