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How To Setup A Reactivate Landing Page
How To Setup A Reactivate Landing Page

This help article will show you how to use Rebuy reactivate landing pages to instantly win back churned subscribers

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What Are Reactivate Landing Pages?

A reactivate landing page is a great way to get your customers to reactivate their canceled subscription in as little as one click! This page can incentivize the customer to resubscribe by offering a free gift, a discount, as well as manage and update their preferences such as the shipping frequency, and how much they want! Personalize the page and embed the URL in the marketing automation tool of your choice! From Klaviyo, Attentive, Postscript, etc!

Setting up your Reactivate Landing Page

  • Important! Please enable your integration with Recharge before creating your landing page(s). More on that here.

From the Rebuy Admin click "Landing Pages" in the left-hand navigation, then "Reactivate Landing Page". From here you can create and manage existing campaigns! Click "Create New Reactivate Page" and name it appropriately. Some inspiration: "Win em back with a Gift", "30 days after they left", "I want you back" etc! The customer will not see the name of this so have fun.

Get the copy url from Rebuy Reactivate landing Page.

The URL should look similar to this URL:

2. Plug the above URL into the Klaviyo flow that triggers "Subscription canceled on ReCharge" and replace subscription_ids number with Recharge's event object. Example:{{event.subscription_id}}

Personalize the Landing Page.

Since you'll be embedding this URL in an already personalized email, be sure to personalize the page too! You can greet the customer by name, change the messaging, include a gift, and even hit them with some fun confetti after they resubscribe! For those wanting to push the customization even further, you can opt to change the template, or even use a custom one. Click "Advanced" at the bottom of the page. Note: this is for developers only! We are unable to assist with custom templates.

You did it!

  • You can preview your landing pages by clicking the "small box with arrow" icon towards the top of the previewer. Once you're happy, copy and paste the provided URL into the marketing automation tool of your choice!

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