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How to Create a Reorder Landing Page

Learn how to create a Rebuy Reorder Landing Page

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Step 1: Accessing your Reorder Landing Page settings

The Rebuy Reorder Landing Page lives under the "Landing Pages" section within Rebuy Admin. Click "Reorder Landing Page" and from there you will be able to click on and access the Reorder Landing Page configuration.

Step 2: Enable your Reorder Landing Page

Enable the Reorder Landing Page by sliding the Enable toggle. If the page is not enabled and someones clicks on a Reorder Page Link, they will be auto redirected back to the homepage.

Step 3: Configure your Data Source

Create and connect a Data Source to control which products will be offered to the customer as a cross-sell. The rule will be based off all products in their order.

For more info on Data Sources click here.

Step 4: Configure the other settings as you see fit

Announcement Bar allows you to display a message at the top of your page. This could be a threshold for a free gift or a custom promotional message.

Free Shipping allows you to set a price point which the Reorder Cart will show for the user to reach the free shipping threshold.

Switch to Subscription will give customers a button to switch each item to a subscription directly inside the mini cart.

Language will allow you to control all the text and copy on the Reorder Landing Page.

Step 5: Previewing your Reorder Landing Page

To preview a Reorder Landing Page for a specific order, navigate to the "Preview" section and select the specific Order ID you are looking to preview.

To find a Shopify Order ID, navigate to your Shopify Admin and open any random order. The URL will look like this (order ID number is shown after "/orders/" in the URL string):

Now you can add the Reorder Landing Page to your favorite Shopify marketing tool!


What data source rules do not work for Reorder Landing Pages?

  • "Recently Viewed" endpoint is not compatible with Reorder Landing Pages.

How do I remove specific items from the Reorder Landing Page Cart?

What if an item a customer previously purchased is now out of stock?

  • The Reorder Landing page will automatically detect that the item is out of stock and display a "Sold Out" message (see below example):

  • If for any reason the landing page is not detecting the out of stock item(s), then we recommend performing a product data resync by following the steps in this guide here to ensure the latest product inventory data in Shopify is detected by the Rebuy application.

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