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Creating A Order Status Page / Thank You Page Widget
Creating A Order Status Page / Thank You Page Widget

This article will guide you on creating an Order Status Page / Thank You Page widget

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The Order Status Page and Thank You Page are one and the same

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A post-purchase is an offer that occurs after the customer has bought a product. Right before the customer 'checks-out' the recommendation offer is presented. There are a couple of Post purchase solutions that Rebuy offers. This is one of two that works in Shopify Checkout. The other being 'Post-Purchase Offer.' They both operate differently from one another. For instance, the Shopify 'Thank you page' will allow multiple products to be recommended to the customer whereas the 'post-purchase' will only offer one product. However, the 'Post-Purchase' doesn't require Shopify script editor to discount the recommended products.

Step 1: Create Your Widget

From your Rebuy admin dashboard, select "Widgets". Then, choose the "Shopify Thank You Page" option. Don't worry, this particular setup is not difficult. Click "Create New ", then you'll get to your widget's settings which can later be accessed by just clicking the widget via the online store or shopify thank you page tab.

Step 2: Customize The Widget

You need to set the widget types Layout/Display type to "Pop Up" or "Embed", and Popup Trigger to "Page Load" (no popup trigger is set for the embed option), as well as the data source attached to it. (make sure it has data to recommend!) How to setup Data Sources. Each created widget will have a data source attached to it that shares the widget's name, so it will be easy to manage!

Step 3: Adding The Rebuy HTML tag (Easy!)

In order for the widget to load in the Shopify Thank You page, we have to add the Rebuy div. If you go to your Shopify Admin > Settings > then Checkout and scroll down you will find the "Order status page" section under the “Post-purchase page” section.

Copy the widget div from the placement tab in the widgets settings and paste it into the Order Status page > Additional scripts block.

Step 4: Verification!

To QA this Popup, you will have to get behind the paywall by purchasing something on your site (then canceling the order later), to make sure that the products you are recommending are being displayed and that the popup works! If you would like assistance, please reach out and provide a Rebuy team member with a 100% off coupon code (then cancel/ deactivate the code) and then refund the purchase once we are finished!

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