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How To Create A Free Gift With Purchase Workflow
How To Create A Free Gift With Purchase Workflow

In this guide we show you how to create a free gift with purchase workflow using a Rebuy Gift With Purchase widget.

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The Free Gift With Purchase Widget doesn't show items offered but handles the Automatic adding of the free gift. There is no interface for the customer to interact with.

We recommend using this in addition to showing recommended products via another widget. Perhaps the data source also RETURNS "Super Title" Language that says "Spend X amount of $ Get a free gift!" Once the threshold is matched RETURN new "Super Title" Language saying "Congratulations, Enjoy Your Gift!".

NOTE: In order to make a TRUE gift with purchase widget, you MUST be on Shopify Plus. This is because you will need to have access to the Script Editor to make the automatic discounts function.

Shopify Plus is required to make use of Shopify Scripts. As of February 13, 2023 Shopify announced that Shopify Scripts will be deprecated on August 13, 2024 and they will be moving to functions. They have since removed the Script Editor application from the Shopify app store. If you are on Plus and do not have Script Editor please reach out to Rebuy support for assistance.

We do have a workaround for non Shopify Plus users that you can try if you would like. If you are on Shopify Plus, then continue with this article. If you are not, then please jump to the article called Creating a Free Gift with Purchase without Shopify Plus to get started.

Step 1: Create a New Gift With Purchase Widget from the Widgets section.

Reminder: You will also need to configure a Shopify Script so the auto-added item is free.

Step 2: Configure the Data source that has been created for this widget.

In the General setting of the widget editor you will see Data Source. Click the "edit" link to open the connected Data Source Rule Builder that has been created for this widget.

An example of how this is used is saying: IF Cart Subtotal is GREATER THAN X amount of $ RETURN Free Item. You can also say IF Cart Subtotal is GREATER THAN X amount of $ AND/OR Products/Collections CONTAINS/ CONTAINS ANY (etc) RETURN Free Item.

Pair this with date based rules

Step 3: Install the Widget and Test:

To test this widget before taking it live, you can toggle live mode at the top of the widget editor and save this setting. Then, click the "Install" button and now the newly created widget will be installed on your theme. From here you can click the link for "Preview Mode" in order to view the widget in Rebuys preview format. Test your new Gift With Purchase widget and turn it on "Live Mode" and save that setting!

Once you have your widget installed and your Shopify script created, you can turn your script on! This same flow can be duplicated with the Cart Page and Shopify checkout Gift with Purchase widget!

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