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Partner Payouts

How partner payouts work

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Rebuy is proud to offer self-service partner revenue share payouts for qualified partners.

Qualified partners (usually known as Rebuy Agency & Affiliate Partners) are eligible for payouts related to the stores affiliated with their account via referral. The mechanisms for logging a referral is found in another help article.

Who is eligible for a partner payout?

Participants who are part of the Rebuy Agency & Affiliate program are generally eligible for revenue share payouts from Rebuy. There are a number of partners who may not be eligible for these payouts, please see your Rebuy Partner Dashboard for your eligibility. Please send any questions about eligibility to [email protected].

How do payouts work?

Rebuy utilizes a simple payout claims mechanism powered by the PayPal API. For each eligible partner there should be a corresponding active PayPal account on file to which payout deposits may be sent.

Each time a partner-referred store is billed by Rebuy that allocated referral amount of 10%-20% is logged to the partner's account. The accrued payouts are a percentage of the total billings as reflected in each partner account. These billings are listed at the bottom of the main dashboard page but will be claimed on the "Payouts" tab. On that tab, at the bottom of the page, there will be a "Claim payout" button that will allow a partner to trigger the payout to their account. Rebuy does not periodically or automatically trigger these payouts for partners, this is a self-serve program.

Please note that all payouts have a minimum threshold of $200 as shown in the partner portal.

What happens after a payout is claimed?

Each payout triggers an API call to PayPal for the corresponding account. That API call is tracked as a pending payout until it has been claimed by the partner in the corresponding PayPal account. At the time that a partner logs in to their PayPal account and finishes claiming a payout the record on the Rebuy Partners Dashboard will move from a status of pending to a status of complete.

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