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Rebuy Partner Academy - Getting Started
Rebuy Partner Academy - Getting Started

This doc will outline what the Academy is, the requirements needed to become certified, and the benefits of being a certified partner.

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What is the Agency Partner Academy?

The Rebuy Agency Partner Academy contains a collection of trainings and certification paths that guide partners through everything you'll need to know to help brands optimize their Rebuy configurations and quickly realize tangible value through their personalization efforts.

Academy trainings cover topics ranging from Rebuy basics to widgets and integrations – you can find courses that provide detailed installation walkthroughs, metrics and reporting keys, best practice guides, and FAQs. The Agency Partner Academy serves as a crucial resource for new and existing partners' success with the Rebuy team.

Upon completing each certification path in the academy, you can expect to understand how to implement, service, support, and sell Rebuy to clients. This program is meant to provide the basis for increased Rebuy knowledge and proficiency over time. The current program is limited in scope to the basics of Rebuy and the foundational widgets and merchandising tools that any partner would need to know.

Agency Partner Academy Registration

To get started, navigate to the registration page and create an account.

You can also click "Login" at the top right-hand side of the main Academy home page and then click "Don't have an account? Create one now."

Trainings vs Certification Paths


Trainings are the variety of courses that we have available within the academy without a discernible path for you to enroll in. You’ll find that trainings are grouped within a collection, depending on which widget or solution they apply to.

While you can take individual trainings to learn about widget’s installation steps or best practices, each collection in the “Training” section of the academy does not walk you through the necessary courses to complete each certification path required for you to become a certified partner.

More on that below ⬇️

Certification Paths

Certification paths are built for you to earn unique badges that correspond to the achievement of each certification path. The certification paths are broken down into two sections, Rebuy Basics and Rebuy Widgets & Merchandising Tools.

While completion of each required training in the “Trainings” section of the academy can lead to you receiving a badge for the corresponding certification path, it is recommended that you complete each certification path by navigating to the “Certifications” section in the academy.

The benefit of doing so is that the academy will automatically guide you through the required set of trainings for you to receive a certification path badge (in either Rebuy Basics or Rebuy Widgets & Merchandising Tools).

See below for an example of a certification path’s required trainings set:

Certificates & Badges

Upon completion of a certification path, you’ll be awarded both a certificate and a badge to recognize your success. These two items can be found in different areas of the Academy Portal, which we’ll outline below.


After completing a certification path, you’ll be directed back to the overview page for the specific path you’ve just completed. The overview page will now be updated with a “completed” status that looks like the image below.

You’ll also notice that there is now a “View Certification” link. Upon clicking the link, a certification similar to the following will display:

In the bottom right-hand corner of the certificate, you’ll notice a link to “Add to LinkedIn.” Adding your new certificate to LinkedIn will bring awareness to your experience and knowledge with the Rebuy platform, helping to drive more new business and trust with merchants wanting to optimize their personalization efforts.

To add the certificate to LinkedIn, click the “Add to LinkedIn link on the certificate > a new tab will direct you to LinkedIn > click the “Save” button in the “Add license or certification” popup window.

After completing the certification path, you’ll also be sent an email from Rebuy Partner Academy. Click the “View certification” button in the email to be redirected to a new tab, where you can view the certificate and/or add the certificate to your LinkedIn profile.


In addition to the certificate, you’ll also receive a badge in the Academy to recognize your certification path completion. The more certification paths you complete, the more badges you’ll receive.

As the Rebuy Partner Team adds more certification paths, you’ll have the chance to collect more and more badges.

To access your collected badges, navigate to the “My Trainings” section of the Academy.

From here, you’ll be able to see all of your trainings and certification path stats, in addition to the badges you’ve received.

This is a great way to see the progress you’ve made in the Academy thus far!

Requirements for Agency Certification

It’s important to note that while completing all the available certification paths does qualify you to successfully install and implement Rebuy widgets, there are some additional requirements needed to be considered a Certified Rebuy Agency Partner.

Certification requirements include:

  1. The agency must have at least 1 person on staff (who is client-facing) complete all of the available certification paths in the Academy.*

  2. At least 1 brand must be referred to Rebuy, installed on the platform, and realizing RGR (Rebuy Generated Revenue) with widgets – your Rebuy Partner Manager must have the merchant’s name and domain on file.

  3. The mutual client must have the following widgets installed while meeting specific metrics:**

    1. Smart Cart & in-cart feature (Cart Cross-Sells, Buy More Save More, etc.)

      1. Smart Cart & feature is generating at least 4% revenue uplift in last 30 days

    2. 1 PDP Widget (Dynamic Bundle, Complete the Look, or Product Add-On)

      1. Widget is producing at least 4% revenue uplift in last 30 days

    3. Homepage Widget (Cross-Sell Carousel)

      1. Widget is producing at least 4% revenue uplift in last 30 days

  4. The mutual client must be realizing a 6% or higher AOV boost with Rebuy.

* As of May 2024 there are two certification paths available, Rebuy Basics and Rebuy Widgets & Merchandising Tools

** If the outlined widget requirements are not in the best interest of your client(s), reach out to your Partner Manager to discuss an alternative certification qualification.

How to Become a Certified Partner

After completing all of the available certification paths in the Academy and referring a merchant that meets the outlined requirements (see the section above), you can then apply to become a Certified Agency Partner.

Click the button below to submit your Agency Partner Certification Application:

The application request form will require you to submit the following information:

  • Contact details

  • Agency company name

  • MyShopify domain of the referred merchant

  • Screenshots of the Rebuy performance dashboard for the referred merchant

After clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form, the Rebuy Partnerships Team will review your submission. Please give us a week or so, we’ll be in touch with your certification details soon.

Benefits for Certified Partners

When all of the outlined qualifications are met, you can expect to be considered a Certified Rebuy Agency Partner and receive access to benefits such as:

  • Co-marketing opportunities

  • Access to event sponsorship funding

  • Merchant referrals from inbound requests received by the Rebuy Team

  • Launch referrals to set up / optimize inquiring merchants’ Rebuy configurations

If you have any questions about the Rebuy Agency Partner Academy, don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected] or your Partner Manager. We’re excited to win and retain more business with you, and are excited to see all of the amazing personalization configurations your clients have on their sites!

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