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How Rebuy partners can use their referral links to track their installs

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After logging into your Rebuy Partner Portal, the partner portal dashboard will feature two different referral links that you can provide to clients for installation of the Rebuy Shopify app.

The first link will direct clients to Rebuy’s website, which is helpful for those who are looking to learn more about Rebuy before installing. One thing to note, this link is less direct and clients will have to navigate to the Shopify app store for the actual installation.

The second link is more streamlined and the preferred referral link to use, as this will direct clients to the Shopify app store to install the Rebuy app. After clicking “Add app” clients will be directed to log into their Shopify store for install. The screenshot below is where clients can initiate the install.

After installing the Rebuy app, the Agency Partnerships team will receive a notification that your client installed and the merchant will be automatically attributed to your partner account.

Once the free trial (typically 21 days) is complete and the first bill hits for the merchant, the shop will then be visible in your partner dashboard for you to track. All partner attributed shops can be tracked directly in the partner dashboard, which is highlighted in the screenshot below.

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