Increase Average Order Value with Smart Cart 'Buy More Save More!'

This feature will encourage customers to buy more of a product by enticing them with dynamic tiered discounts, thus increasing your average order value, and boosting your revenue! This feature makes it easy for Shopify plus merchants to set up tiered discounting campaigns for specific products and generates the discounting script for them so that they don't have to pay a developer to write the code!


  1. Smart Cart is enabled.

  2. You are on a Shopify Plus plan.

Enabling the Buy More Save More (BMSM) Feature:

  • To set up BMSM navigate to the Smart Cart admin settings and scroll down to find the Buy More Save More settings. Enabling this will allow you to adjust the settings as desired.

Definitions and Supporting Details:

  • Display Types

    • Buttons will display the message for each tier i.e. "Buy {{quantity}} save {{discount}}" will show below the product image as button types with a message "Buy 2 save 5%" "Buy 5 save 10%" "Buy 10 Save 15%". This is based off the discounting tiers set up below.

    • Dynamic text will show a message with the next available tier and the remaining quantity to achieve this. I.e. "Buy 2 more and save 10%"

  • Discount Language

    • This is what will display on either the buttons or dynamic text.

  • Discount Success

    • This is what will display next to the product when the discount has been applied to the product.

  • Discount Type

    • You can choose between a percentage discount, or make it a fixed price discount.

  • Select products that these discounts will apply toward

    • This will search for the products/variants that you would like to have the BMSM discounts apply toward. Type your product into the search bar and select the one(s) you would like to discount (see screenshot).


You can add up to 3 tiers of discounting. The tiers must be in ascending order, meaning that the first tier must be the lowest amount of quantity and discount percentage or fixed amount.

For example:

If tier 1 (product quantity = 2, and discount 5% then the tier 2 (product quantity = {must be greater than the previous (3 or greater)}, discount = {must be greater than the previous (6% or greater)}) and the same applies to the final tier.

By default, when you add a new tier, whether you are using the percentage discount type or a fixed price discount, it will increase in increments of 5. It will also increase your quantity increments by 1 each tier you add. You can adjust these as you wish as long as they are higher than the previous tier.

Once everything has been configured as desired then click on the "Generate Discount Script" button which will create a discounting script that can then be pasted into the Shopify script editor app.

Adding Discount Script to Shopify script editor app:

Login to your Shopify Store and navigate or install then navigate to the Script editor app. Once there, click create script > choose blank script > create script as seen below:

If you have an existing gift with purchase or discounting script. This 'Buy More Save More' script will need to be merged with it as there can only be one script running for discounts such as this at a time.

Next you will want to make your title > click code > remove any code that may be there as seen in the screenshot below. Reason being is that the code you copied from the Rebuy Admin Smart Cart settings for BMSM will already have it within it.

After that, you will paste the code you copied from Rebuy Admin Smart Cart settings.

The final steps are to ensure your script has no errors which you can check within the script editor. If your script status has no errors, then you can save and publish to production. When you do this, it will un-publish any old script and apply this code into production.

Your Rebuy Smart Cart will now give customers the option to opt-into your 'Buy More Save More' offers, boosting your AOV!


  • Currently you can only make one Buy More Save More campaign. Meaning you will not be able to make different rules for different products. You will only be able to select the product(s) and they will use the same tiers. We are looking to expand this feature in an upcoming version so you can make multiple campaigns.

  • If you have an existing gift with purchase or discounting script. This 'Buy More Save More' script will need to be merged with it as there can only be one script running for discounts such as this at a time.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more Rebuy Smart Cart features on the way!

If you have more questions, please reach out to support!

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