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Updating Partially Paid Orders
Updating Partially Paid Orders

This article walks through how to enable the partially paid option within your post-purchase widget's settings and the processes it entails.

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What does this option do?

When viewing an order where the status is "partially paid," it means that the customer's card either cannot cover the purchase or fraud detection occurs that prevents it from going through. Shopify has a trigger where if the payment doesn’t go through, they send an email to that customer to collect the leftover amount. To avoid partially paid orders, Rebuy has created a system that removes the added product from the post-purchase if the user is unable to pay for it within 60 minutes. An example of a partially paid order on a Shopify Order Status page is shown below.

Enabling Partially Paid in your Post-Purchase Offer:

In your Post-Purchase widget’s settings, navigate to the bottom right of the page, where you’ll find the advanced tab. Open the advanced tab and click the checkbox to enable updating partial orders.

More Information:

For further details on Post-Purchase payment capturing and fulfillment holds please refer to this article below:

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