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Prevent Rebuy Attribution Data from Appearing on Ship Station Packing Slips
Prevent Rebuy Attribution Data from Appearing on Ship Station Packing Slips

This will guide you on how to remove Rebuy Attribution data from Ship Station packing slips.

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For merchants using Ship Station to handle their fulfillment's you may run into an issue where Rebuy Attribution data is being printed on your packing slips.

This is a bad look for your customers and the extra printing can lead to higher billing for merchants from Ship Station.

Rebuy has no ability to make changes to Ship Station packing slips. Please direct your packing slip related questions to the Ship Station team.

Shopify sends your order data to Ship Station. Ship Station should have full control over how they process that data and what information they print on your packing slips.

What is Rebuy Attribution Data?

Rebuy Attribution data appears on Shopify Orders for items that were added from Rebuy products. This is called Rebuy Generated Revenue (RGR).

Understanding Rebuy Attribution Data?

Rebuy Attribution data helps merchants reliably measure the contribution of Rebuy to their Average Order Value (AOV). This data is also necessary to ensure that Rebuy charges merchants correctly and accurately.

For more information about Rebuy Attribution data, please visit our Reports help document.

Why would Rebuy Data appear on packing slips.

It seems that Ship Station's approach is to pull all of the order data and print everything on the packing slips. Regardless of whether this increases costs for merchants or if the data they're printing is for internal reporting only.

Rebuy Attributes are underscored to denote that they're not meant to be customer facing.

_source: Rebuy

_widget_id: 92364

_attribution: Rebuy Cart

Steps to Prevent Attribution Data from Appearing on Packing Slips

To prevent any such information from showing, here are some steps you can take:

Step 1: Log into your Ship Station account and click on settings.

Step 2: Access your packing slip templates and click on the '...' next to the template you want to edit.

Step 3: Edit the line that has [Item Title] to only have [Item Title].

Removing the [Item Options] that appears by default is what stops the Attribution data from being pulled in.


We've seen success with this approach in the past, but cannot guarantee it will work in all cases as we have no control over how ShipStation works.

If this doesn't work for your store, please contact ShipStation support. They receive the order data from Shopify's API and should have control over how they process that data and what they print on packing slips.

Tell them you'd like your packing slips customized to only display certain data.

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