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Hiding Properties or Products
Hide Rebuy Attribution Tracking Properties
Hide Rebuy Attribution Tracking Properties

In this document we show you how to not show Rebuy related product properties.

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By incorporating a Rebuy widget and adding products through it, we automatically attach properties that enable comprehensive tracking and provide valuable insights regarding the performance of different widgets and the success of individual items. However, if you prefer not to display these properties on the order form, you have the option to deactivate them through the advanced settings of the widget. This guide will show you how to remove Rebuy properties from your packing slips



Disabling the attributions will provide less data in the reporting! You will still be able to see the AOV boost, Percentage of sales from Rebuy, etc. Just not details down to the widgets and products being added!


When you utilize a Script to apply discounts to widget items, it relies on the tracking functionality of the widget to discount those items. If you decide to toggle off the tracking feature for that specific widget, your script can no longer discount the widget items.

Disabling the Attributions

If you wish to deactivate the tracking feature, simply navigate to the Rebuy admin section of your Online Store. From there, access the widget settings and select the "Advanced" option. In this section, you can find toggles for both "widget tracking" and "attribution tracking." By turning off both of these options, you can effectively disable the tracking functionality. It is important to note that you can enable them again at any time if needed.

In an ideal scenario, there should be no need for you to take this step. Instead, it is recommended to configure the fulfillment process to automatically conceal any entries beginning with "_" from being displayed on the slip. This approach is generally considered standard practice and should effectively resolve the issue at hand.

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