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Pairing Disco and Rebuy on the Order Status Page
Pairing Disco and Rebuy on the Order Status Page

Get the most out of your thank you page by pairing Rebuy with Disco's Discofeed.

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If you want to get additional personalized product recommendations in your customer journey, include Rebuy's thank you page cross-sells and the DiscoFeed to help promote other brands complementary products and build partnerships for increased customer acquisition and revenue kickback!

Getting Started

Install and or make sure the Disco Feed is Enabled

To get started, please follow the steps provided by Disco here:

  1. Download Disco’s Shopify app

  2. Once you go through the app install, follow the steps outlined in Disco’s onboarding guide.

  3. When you’re ready to go live on Disco, navigate to the DiscoFeed > Manage tab, click “Publish”, check the two boxes, and click “Submit”.

Additional Resources:

  • Refer to Disco’s Help Center articles for assistance

If you want to download Disco on your demo store, follow the below steps:

  1. Download their Shopify app.

  2. Go through the onboarding flow:

    • Select your partner categories and “Prefer to Partner With” categories

    • Skip the payment setup

Click "Publish" in the DiscoFeed > Manage tab. This will publish the DiscoFeed on your store's thank you page.

Disco for Brand Partnerships - Disco for Brand Partnerships &  Collaborations | Shopify | Shopify App Store

Note: you will select Rebuy as the app to feature on your post-purchase page (right before the order status page but after checkout)in your Shopify settings should you also choose to utilize Rebuys Post Purchase Offer. This is a different part of the customer journey, Disco will still display!

Create and Install a Rebuy Thank You Page Widget

If you haven't already created a Rebuy Thank You Page widget, checkout the article below.

The article above goes over what a popup version of this widget may look like. Keep in mind that you can adjust the placement, and layout just like any other Rebuy widget!

Once you get both installed and placement specified for the Rebuy widget, you'll have an optimized thank you page!


  • Do I need to be a customer of both Rebuy and Disco to take advantage of this functionality? Yep! It's required to have both Rebuy and Disco installed to your online store to use this functionality. If you are a Rebuy customer looking to use Disco for the first time, or a Disco customer looking to use Rebuy for the first time, you may be eligible for special bundled pricing. Contact your sales rep for more information.

  • Can I choose which brands I display in the DiscoFeed? Yes! You have control at the category, subcategory, and brand level of your partner brands. However, we encourage brands to go broad with their partner brands. Our ML algorithm makes recommendations at the user-level, so it’s helpful to have the least exclusions to make the most customer, delightful recommendation.

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