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Post-Purchase and Pixel Tracking Considerations
Post-Purchase and Pixel Tracking Considerations

Exploring the Constraints of Pixel Tracking

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Rebuy does not have access to support pixel tracking scripts by default, as these are saved in Shopify's checkout settings page. Rebuy's Post-Purchase Page is a native Shopify App Extension, and Rebuy does not have access to expose data on the Post Purchase Page for pixel tracking purposes.

Tracking scripts are advanced customizations that are not supported by the Rebuy Support team. Rebuy Support Policy. Knowledge of web design languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Liquid is required. Consider hiring a Shopify Partner if you aren't comfortable working with scripts.

Shopify Documentation

As outlined in Shopify's documentation. Installing an app that adds a post-purchase page to your store's checkout may disrupt custom pixel tracking, potentially missing certain events.

Considerations and limitations

  1. Copying and pasting the existing pixel tracking script from the Order Status Page section to the Post-Purchase pixel tracking section will not work. This is because Shopify does not expose liquid variables on the Post-Purchase page, and any HTML elements other than script tags (<script>) tags will not work.

  2. The amount of data that Shopify exposes on the Post-Purchase Page may be limited compared to order status page, so certain items may not be accessible at this step. It is important that any Liquid variables used in the Order Status Page pixel tracking script are converted to JavaScript. Please refer to Shopify's documentation to see what information is accessible, and what their values are on the Post-Purchase Page:


I'm having an issue with duplicate events being tracked, how do I prevent this?

{% if first_time_accessed == true and post_purchase_page_accessed == false %} 
// insert your tracking script
{% endif %}

My script is not running on the Post-Purchase Page. Why?

Certain items are not being tracked in my Post-Purchase pixel tracking script. How can I fix this?

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