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Post Purchase Explained

End to end example from purchase order to fulfillment

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Have you ever thought about what the post-purchase experience looks like from a customer's point of view? Interested in seeing how it appears on your orders page in Shopify? Take a quick but informative walkthrough of the post-purchase process here.

If you're seeking guidance on setting up the post-purchase process, be sure to explore our collection of guides dedicated to that specific topic.


Post-purchase offers are a dynamic feature within Shopify, enriching the customer experience and boosting sales potential. As customers proceed through checkout, they encounter enticing offers, prompting them to accept or decline within a specified timeframe. Behind the scenes, the Shopify Admin provides a comprehensive view of orders, detailing payment status, offer interactions, and subsequent order edits. Accepted offers seamlessly integrate with initial purchases, reflecting in order status updates and transaction authorizations. Despite appearing as multiple authorizations, customers will only see a single charge on their statement, simplifying transaction management.

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