This guide will show you how to remove Rebuy properties from your packing slips

Every time a product is added from a Rebuy widget, properties are added so we can track and give you greater insight as to what widgets are performing best, and which items are having the most success! If you don’t want these properties to show on the order form, you can disable these properties from the widget’s advanced settings.


Doing this will provide less data in the reporting! You will still be able to see the AOV boost, Percentage of sales from Rebuy, etc. Just not details down to the widgets and products being added!

How to Disable:

To disable this tracking, head to the Online Store in the Rebuy admin > the widget settings > Advanced. Toggle both "widget tracking" and "attribution tracking". These can be re-enabled at any time.

Ideally, you won't have to do this, but just have the fulfillment hide anything starting with a "_" from appearing on the slip. This should do the trick and is standard in most cases!

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