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Using Rebuy App Blocks In Online Store 2.0 Themes
Using Rebuy App Blocks In Online Store 2.0 Themes

Learn how to use Rebuy with Online Store 2.0 App Blocks!

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2.0 Themes and App Blocks

Shopify recently released Online Store 2.0 Themes allowing merchants and developers more options to customize and manage their Online Store! The introduction of 2.0 themes include "App Blocks" that enable merchants to easily add and place widgets on any page!

  • NOTE! Stores created before June 29th, 2021 that have migrated to 2.0 Themes are unable to use certain app blocks as a limitation from Shopify! For details on integrating Rebuy with those stores, please reach out to support.

Customizing Your Online Store

Head to the Shopify Admin > Online Store > Then select "Customize" on the 2.0 Theme you want to upgrade!

Adding an App Block

First, select which template or page you would like to upgrade:

In the left-hand navigation, add a new App Block Section:

  • NOTE! Some sections allow you to add an app block within itself (allowing for more specific placement of the Rebuy widget) rather than creating an entirely new section.

Select Rebuy:

Place your Rebuy App Block! You can drag and move this section within the editor by clicking the ellipses next to the block.

Add your Rebuy widget ID! After creating a widget, you will be able to pass the ID into the app block, so it displays the proper one!

Boom! You did it!

Now that you've created the widget, added the app block, and placed it where you wanted, your widget should be showing as long as it's enabled!

Not seeing your widget? Checkout this help article for some troubleshooting tips

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