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Updating the Language or Copy of Your Rebuy Widgets
Updating the Language or Copy of Your Rebuy Widgets

How to update the language on Rebuy widgets to match your brand's voice and increase conversions.

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All ecommerce stores can benefit from having product recommendations, as research shows that intelligent product recommendations can potentially increase revenue by up to 300%, improve conversions by 150% and help boost the average order value by 50%.

Not only is it important that you recommend the right products to the right customers at the right stage of the customer journey, but the copy and language presented in the product recommendations needs to fit with the brand identity, and should be persuasive enough to pique the customer's interest.

Changing Default Widget Language/Copy

Each Rebuy Widget has a default Super Title, a Title, and a Description which can be updated in the Widget's Settings under the Language Tab.

Screenshot of Rebuy Widget's Language settings

In addition to changing the Super Title, Title, and Description of the Rebuy widget, you can also change the default language for the Call to Action (CTA) buttons in the Language Tab under the Widget Settings.

Changing Widget Language/Copy Dynamically Using Data Sources

You can also change the language or copy of the widget dynamically when specific rules are met using data sources. As an example, maybe if a customer has Beauty Products in their cart, as opposed to a general title that reads as "Recommended", you want to personalize this more and have it say "Recommended Beauty Products", or "Complete the Routine".

In the RETURN section of the rule, simply select the copy you'd like to change under Widget Language and input the new language accordingly. When that rule is met, the new language will take place as opposed to the default language configured in the widget!


Here are a few examples of some brands we love that have changed language to be more persuasive or on brand! - Smart Cart - Checkout and Smart Cart - Smart Cart - Checkout - PDP

Make sure to update the language on your widgets with persuasive copy that is on brand to make the most out of Rebuy-- simple sales psychology shows that it is not just important that you ask, but how you ask!

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