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Attentive Smart Cart App
Attentive Smart Cart App

Learn how to use Attentive and Rebuy for phone number capture and SMS Marketing!

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What is Attentive?

Attentive® stands out as the most extensive solution for text message marketing, contributing to a significant 20.5% of total online revenue for businesses through the creation of meaningful SMS interactions. Leveraging real-time behavioral data, Attentive enables businesses to automatically deliver captivating text messages to every subscriber. With over 5,000 top-tier businesses.

Attentive Smart Cart App Overview

The SMS Opt-In Smart Cart App from Attentive ensures complete compliance and allows you to gather SMS numbers directly within the Smart Cart. Simplify the subscription process for customers, enabling you to generate immediate revenue. Provide incentives and cultivate customer loyalty, brand advocacy, and conversion rates.

Elevate your sales by incorporating Rebuy's integration for Attentive into your SMS Journeys. Businesses leveraging Attentive to expand their operations can now include Rebuy's data-powered product recommendations within their SMS campaigns and gather mobile numbers through Rebuy's Smart Cart App. Fine-tune your product selection and experience favorable outcomes within a matter of days.

The Attentive and Rebuy Smart Cart App is only available for US based phone numbers at this time.

Installation Instructions

The first step in enabling the Attentive and Rebuy Integration is obtaining your "Sign Up Source ID" from your Attentive CSM. To have your CSM set up this new Sign-Up Source, feel free to ask the following.

"Hi, I am in the process of enabling the Attentive and Rebuy Integration and need your help to set up the Integration Affiliate Endpoint (sign-up source via Add Subscribers API) and fetch the SignupSourceId."

Once you have the Sign Up Source ID, it can be found in your Attentive Portal > Growth > Sign-up Units. Note, each Sign-up method will have a unique ID so make sure you use the one your Attentive CSM has just set up for you.

After you have the Sign Up Source ID, you can login to the Rebuy admin, navigate to the "Integrations" tab and select "Attentive"/

You'll be prompted to "Connect Attentive", after that, you'll need to include the Term URL, Privacy URL and "Sign Up Source ID".

Once enabled, navigate to the Smart Cart settings page. You can then toggle on the Attentive App then click save!

Your Rebuy Smart Cart will now give customers the option to opt-in to your SMS campaigns!


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