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Yotpo: SMS Smart Cart App
Yotpo: SMS Smart Cart App

Learn how to capture phone numbers directly in the Rebuy Smart Cart to grow your Yotpo: SMS subscriber list!

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With Yotpo SMS, you can plan your SMS Marketing strategy intelligently and engage more effectively with customers, increasing subscriber LTV and driving sustained long-term revenue growth.

Yotpo SMS helps you to seamlessly grow your SMS & email lists, recover abandoned carts, and send revenue-driving texts and emails that make your sales skyrocket. Choose from a library of high-converting campaign templates and flows to engage with shoppers in real-time and maximize the effect of each customer interaction.


The SMS Opt-In Smart Cart App from Yotpo enables you to collect SMS numbers directly through the Smart Cart. Streamline the subscription procedure for customers, empowering you to generate instant revenue. Offer incentives and foster customer loyalty, brand endorsement, and conversion rates through your marketing strategies.

Boost your sales by integrating Rebuy's Yotpo integration into your SMS Journeys. Companies using Yotpo to grow their businesses can now incorporate Rebuy's Smart Links, Marketing Links, directly into their SMS campaigns and collect mobile numbers using Rebuy's Smart Cart App.



Enable the Yotpo x Rebuy Integration from within the Rebuy admin. Check this out if you haven't done so yet!

Open up the Smart Cart settings you'd like to edit then navigate to the bottom of the Smart Cart page and continue scrolling until you reach the Apps section. Look for the "Yotpo SMS Capture" app within this section. From there you need to specify where you would like the app to render in Smart Cart via the drop down.

Next step is to click the gear icon next to the toggle switch and fill out the required fields. There are no requirements for the Title, just be creative!

Next is the list ID Which can be found in the Yotpo admin. This will determine which list you are growing based on the input in the SMS Capture app.

Once that's done you should be able to enable it and it will render as specific within your Rebuy Smart Cart!




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