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Yotpo Loyalty Smart Cart App

Learn how to use Yotpo: Loyalty and Rewards directly in your Rebuy Smart Cart!

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Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals Helps brands drive growth by building innovative loyalty programs that deliver more engaging customer experiences.

Yotpo loyalty is the most agile loyalty solution on the market. Intentionally designed to give brands the freedom to create, manage, and evolve a loyalty program capable of standing the test of time.

Their agile loyalty platform empowers you to launch quickly and iterate endlessly — no dev needed. Customers can earn and redeem points with their 20+ out-of-the-box campaigns, ultimately driving repeat purchases, increasing LTV, and boosting engagement. With their detailed loyalty and referral program analytics, understand consumer behavior and make decisions that catalyze customer retention and create lasting brand loyalty.


Enabling this Smart Cart App provides your customers with real-time access to their points, calculated based on the products currently present in their shopping cart. Through this seamless connection, customers can conveniently keep track of their accumulated points and make informed decisions about their purchases, enhancing their overall shopping experience.


To begin the installation process, the initial step involves installing the Yotpo: Loyalty and Rewards application on your Shopify store. After successfully installing the app, you will then proceed to complete the necessary configuration steps within Yotpo. Once these configuration steps are finalized, you can proceed with enabling the app within the Smart Cart feature and get points to display when a customer logs in!

Navigate to the Rebuy administrative portal and click on the Smart Cart settings tab and choose the particular Smart Cart you wish to enable the integration on.

Navigate to the bottom of the Smart Cart page and continue scrolling until you reach the Apps section. Look for the "Yotpo Loyalty" app within this section. From there you need to specify where you would like the app to render in Smart Cart via the drop down.

Next step is to click the gear icon next to the toggle switch and fill out the required fields. If you need help finding these, check out this link. There are no requirements for the Title or Description, just be creative!

Once you save your work, you can go back and modify where you would like the app to appear in cart. You have the flexibility to choose from three placement options: below the checkout, below the subtotal, or above the subtotal. Furthermore, you have the option to display the app exclusively when there are items in the cart or to show it regardless of whether there are items in the cart or not.

Feel free to modify the placement according to your preferences.


See below for two examples of how the loyalty points will look before and after you login to your account.



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