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LoyaltyLion Smart Cart App

Learn how to install the LoyaltyLion Smart Cart app and how it is important to your business!

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LoyaltyLion helps businesses enhance customer loyalty by creating personalized loyalty programs. It improves customer experience through integrated loyalty pages on websites, encouraging repeat purchases with loyalty points and rewards. The platform reduces acquisition costs by offering incentives for referrals, reviews, and social media engagement. LoyaltyLion also seamlessly integrates with Shopify tools and offers a free loyalty page build for Classic plans and higher.


This application facilitates the integration of Smart Cart with your LoyaltyLion loyalty program, enabling customers to effortlessly log into their accounts. It provides them with real-time access to their loyalty points, calculated based on the products currently present in their shopping cart. Through this seamless connection, customers can conveniently keep track of their accumulated points and make informed decisions about their purchases, enhancing their overall shopping experience.


To begin the installation process, the initial step involves installing the LoyaltyLion application on your Shopify store. After successfully installing the app, you will then proceed to complete the necessary configuration steps within LoyaltyLion. Once these configuration steps are finalized, you can proceed with enabling the app within the Smart Cart feature.

Navigate to the Rebuy administrative portal and click on the Smart Cart settings tab and choose the particular Smart Cart you wish to enable the integration on.

Navigate to the bottom of the Smart Cart page and continue scrolling until you reach the Apps section. Look for the app within this section. From there you need to click the gear icon next to the toggle switch and fill out the title and description for the app that you would like to appear in cart.

Before you toggle on the app, decide where you would like the content to be displayed in the Smart Cart.

You have the flexibility to choose from three placement options: below the checkout, below the subtotal, or above the subtotal. Furthermore, you have the option to display the app exclusively when there are items in the cart or to show it regardless of whether there are items in the cart or not.

Feel free to modify the placement according to your preferences.

After determining the desired location for the app within the cart, proceed to toggle the app on and save the settings within the Smart Cart interface. Once the changes are saved, you will have the option to preview or view the app on your website, depending on whether the Smart Cart you are configuring is currently live or not.




Be sure to keep an eye out for more Rebuy integration features on the way.

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