Getting Started

Please reach out to Rebuy's support team with your store URL so they can grant you access to the Klaviyo X Smart Cart App.

To get started with the Rebuy/Klaviyo integration, you will need to log into your Rebuy Dashboard and navigate to the Integrations section after

Integrating Klaviyo with Rebuy:

In order to connect Rebuy with Klaviyo, you will need to generate a private Klaviyo API Key and access your public API key. Both of which are available in your Klaviyo account.

Add your API Keys:

Now that you have your Klaviyo Integration enabled, navigate to the "Smart Cart tab, and scroll to the bottom till you see " Apps". Toggle Enable to finish the integration!

You will also see "Klaviyo Events" show up in your "ACTIVE INTEGRATIONS" tab on the left hand side. More on how those can be used here.

Final user input:

  • You'll need to get your Klaviyo Target List ID, that will collect your SMS subscribers. To find the List ID, visit Klayvio's, how to find a list ID article.

  • Add your "App Label/Prompt" - this will be shown at the top of the Smart Cart app (ex. "Join our SMS Program").

  • Enter the full URL for your terms page for SMS handling.

  • Enter the full URL for your privacy policy page.

There you have it! You now have a place to capture SMS right in your Rebuy Smart Cart!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Support!

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