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Gatsby AI Smart Cart™ App
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What is Gatsby?

Gatsby is a platform for social management that aids merchants in creating extensive ambassador programs and automating the management of their Instagram and TikTok communities.

Integration Overview:

With the Gatsby AI Smart Cart™ App, you can effortlessly incorporate a Klaviyo form into the cart and enroll customers into your community during checkout. This equips your social managers with the necessary tools to quickly expand and enhance your community, with genuine customers posting more authentic user-generated content that drives conversions.

Enabling Gatsby + Rebuy Integration:

First, open Gatsby, Klaviyo, and Rebuy Smart Cart

Next you will need to generate a Klaviyo Form that gathers both Email and Instagram Handle (or TikTok Handle), ensuring that you utilize the 'instausername' profile property to synchronize with Gatsby as demonstrated in this guide.

Once you have the form information available, navigate to Rebuy, then to Smart Cart.

Scroll to the bottom of the Smart Cart page until you see the Apps section. Click on the gear icon for Gatsby.

Complete the description, Klaviyo script, and Klaviyo form as explained below. Ensure that you adhere to the formatting shown below for the appearance of both the Klaviyo script and Klaviyo form.

klaviyo form info for Gatsby smartcart app

Gathering your Klayviyo Script:

To obtain your Klaviyo script, navigate to Klaviyo Settings and select API Keys, then retrieve your Public API key.

Klaviyo public API key location

Place that API Key at the end of the following string:

Obtaining your Klaviyo Form ID:

Klaviyo Form ID location

Ensure that you only paste the portion of the Klaviyo script that resembles the following: klaviyo-form-FormID

Customize your customer experience:

Determine the content of the message to be displayed on the Smart Cart, as well as the location of the toggle switch or message display.

Smart Cart description field
Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 10.00.57 AM

Refer to the video embedded at the top of this page to visualize the various locations available for the toggle switch or message display. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or the Gatsby team. Thank you!

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