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Beam Impact Smart Cart App

Learn how to install the Beam Impact Smart Cart app and how it is important to your business!

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What is Beam Impact?

Beam Impact is a an app that allows users to make charitable donations by simply making purchases at participating merchants. When a user makes a purchase using the app, a portion of the transaction amount is automatically donated to a charity of their choice. Beam Impact partners with a variety of charitable organizations, including those focused on environmental causes, education, health, and poverty alleviation.

Beam helps more than 150 top ecommerce brands such as Instacart, Parade, For Days, and Jinx drive a 5-10% increase in revenue while also fostering community by connecting with customers based on shared values. This ecommerce platform prioritizes social impact by allowing customers to donate approximately 1% of each purchase to carefully selected non-profits that align with the brand's values.

To simplify the process, Beam's Social Impact Partnerships team assists in selecting reputable non-profit organizations for brands to quickly get started. By integrating with Beam, brands can achieve a 17% increase in cart completion rates, a 15% increase in average order value, and a 30% increase in repeat customers making a second purchase within 90 days.

What does the Beam Impact and Smart Cart app do?

Customers are given the opportunity to donate 1% of their purchase to a non-profit organization of their choosing. A specific list of non-profits and causes, such as animal welfare and racial equality, is presented to customers, each with a brief description of their mission. To keep customers informed, a progress bar is displayed, indicating the level of funding for each non-profit and how close it is to its target, such as 30% funded.

What are the benefits of the Beam Impact and Smart Cart integration?

Increase average order value and conversion rates by providing an extra incentive for customers to complete their purchase and make a positive impact. Enhance cart completion rates by motivating customers to finish the checkout process while contributing to a good cause. Personalize the shopping cart and website experience by customizing non-profit options based on the customer's location.

Installation Instructions

Before installing the Beam Impact Smart Cart app, you first need to contact the Beam team at [email protected] to apply to join our network of mission-driven brands. Once approved, you will be given an API Key, Chain Id, Store Id, and Version Number which you will add to the Beam Smart Cart App configuration.

Once you have the API Key, Chain Id, Store Id, and Version Number you can log into the Rebuy Admin Portal then to Smart Cart.

Scroll to the bottom of the Smart Cart page until you see the Apps section. Click on the gear icon for Beam Impact.

Fill out the Beam Version Number, Beam API Key, Beam Store Id, and Beam Chain Id, then click the save button.

Customize your placement

Before you toggle on the app, decide where you would like the content to be displayed in the Smart Cart.

Once you have chosen your desired location of the app to be displayed in your Smart Cart, toggle it on and save. Voilà you now have the Beam Impact + Rebuy Smart Cart app installed.

Smart Cart Examples

If you have more questions, please reach out to support!

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