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Attentive & Rebuy Journey

Drive Attentive SMS subscribers to a Rebuy Reorder landing page with personalized product recommendations and more.

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Enable the Integration

Follow the initial steps of this process here. Complete all the steps to gain even more SMS subscribers + increase conversion! Select a Reorder Landing Page.

Create an Attentive Journey

From your Attentive Admin, navigate to Journeys then Create Journey.

Select "Start from scratch"

Finally, select "Rebuy - Order Placed"

Soon the "Rebuy - Order Placed" journey trigger will be a selectable "Prebuilt Journey".

Add your Steps and Rules in your newly created journey. Since we are driving the customer to a Reorder Landing Page, it's important to consider what you sell and how often someone may want to reorder/ see relevant recommendations to add on to their new order, or even switch the one-time they tried out into a subscription! Are you selling consumables? Perhaps you send this message a week later! Consider your product offering and determine how long to wait.

Dynamic Variables

Personalize your message and include the {rebuy_reorder_landing_page} in your text to drive customers to a Rebuy Reorder Landing Page.


Now that you've got your Journey created, turn it on from the editor screen above, and your customer will now be driven to a Rebuy Reorder Landing Page with smart product recommendations, and more, all from SMS!


You're all set! If you have any questions, please reach out to support for assistance!

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