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Easy Ways To Boost Your Ecommerce KPIs Using Rebuy on Shopify Plus
Easy Ways To Boost Your Ecommerce KPIs Using Rebuy on Shopify Plus

How top Brands Use Rebuy and Shopify Plus to Boost Their Ecommerce Key Performance Indicators

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Rebuy is well known as an industry leader in the Shopify Ecosystem for increasing stores Average Order Value, but the smartest, fastest growing brands on Shopify Plus utilize Rebuy and Shopify Plus to the maximize every ecommerce Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

Read below for a few tips on how you can emulate strategies from top brands create Smart Shopping Experiences and supercharge your business.

*While not all of the following strategies are not exclusive to Shopify Plus, access to Plus exclusive features such as Shopify Scripts for dynamic discounting and Customized Checkout certainly make things more effective!

KPI Strategy Overview:

Use a Checkout Recommendations Widget, or Checkout Extensions Widget to Increase Conversion Rate

Shopify Plus Exclusive Feature

Think about the last time you were shopping in a store. Did they have any products that were merchandised near the checkout? Perhaps a one size-fits all accessory, such as a headband, a hat, or a mask? Maybe a trinket like a keychain, or a phone case?

Typically once the customer hits checkout step of an online store, the goal for any ecommerce operator is to have that customer convert. We want relevant products recommended at this point, but something that can be purchased impulsively without any additional thought. Think about it: if you're operating a brick and mortar store, the last thing you'd want is for your customer is to get distracted and leave the checkout line, only to never be seen again.

One of the main reasons customers abandon carts is due to shipping prices. According to one study, 26% of customers report not making a purchase due to shipping. Without a recommendation in your checkout, you're leaving money on the table, as most customers will be met with this screen if they have entered checkout under the shipping threshold.

Customers will typically go back to perhaps find another product and those with high intent may come back to convert. But for each one that comes back, brands are missing out on hundreds of would-be customers who's battery died, got called by their mom, or received a notification on social media.

If you offer free shipping and are on Shopify Plus and using Rebuy, congratulations: you now have a quick and easy way to alleviate and convert your customers with those concerns.

When you add a Rebuy widget to your checkout, you can now bump customers above the free shipping threshold with a single click

Using the connected Rebuy Data Source, you can set a rule based on the cart subtotal that you know with a single click will bump a customer above the free shipping threshold, and increase their likelihood of converting-- and this can all be set up in minutes.

Checkout our video displaying "Bump Above Free Shipping" in action with our detailed step-by-step example! Don't miss out – check it out now! 🌟💫 #

How to use Dynamic Bundles to Supercharge Your Store's Average Order Value (AOV)

Dynamic Bundles are available on all Plans, although discounting is smoother using Scripts as they can be stacked with discount codes.

For ecommerce brands, a product bundling experience is one of the most effective ways to increase your Average Order Value product discovery on-site. Research suggests that 10%–30% of ecommerce revenue comes from upselling and cross-selling via product bundles. If you’ve taken even a small step into bundles though, you’ll soon learn that there are a ton of ways to tackle bundles that all have their pros and cons.

Rebuy’s Dynamic Bundle Widget allows your customers to add multiple products to cart with a single click. By doing this, tracking inventory on each of the individual products is much easier. For stores on Shopify Plus, this widget can also be paired with Shopify Scripts, to discount the bundle product if it’s kept together, or to remove the discount if one of those items is removed.

Breaking the bundles into individual SKUs (stock keeping units) has some benefits for advanced brands: it'll allow for more accurate sales reporting, inventory forecasting, and in some cases even tax calculations.

This isn't the only way to bundle with Rebuy, for more strategies, take a look at our Product Bundle Best Practices Help Document!

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