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Getting Started with the Rebuy Partner Academy
Getting Started with the Rebuy Partner Academy

How to create an account and start using the Rebuy Agency Certification Program via the Partner Academy

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Rebuy built our Agency Certification Program to help our agency partners learn how to implement, service, support, and sell Rebuy to their clients. This program is meant to provide the basis for increased Rebuy knowledge and proficiency over time. The current program is limited in scope to the basics of Rebuy and the foundational widgets and merchandising tools that any agency partner would need to know.

We hope that we will expand the reach of this program in 2024.

Getting started by registering

To get started, everyone who would like to have an account needs to navigate to the registration page and create their account. If you don't follow the link path shared previously, please just go to "Login" at the top righthand side of the main Academy home page and from the next page click "Don't have an account? Create one now."

If you find that your account is not able to be created due to some sort of domain issue or other technical limitation, please reach out to [email protected] for support.

Choosing a certification path

Once you have registered for your account, you’ll have the ability to review and see the various pieces of training and certification paths available to you. Trainings are merely the variety of courses that we have available within the program without a discernible path for you to enroll upon.

The certifications, however, are built for you to earn your unique badges that correspond to the achievement of each certification path. The certification paths are broken down into two sections, one is Rebuy Basics, and the other is Rebuy Widgets & Merchandising Tools.

These will be broken out into other additional certification paths in the coming months.

Once you have chosen a path that you want to embark upon for certification, you would want to click on that certification and enroll yourself in it. See the image below for what that looks like.

Rebuy Certifications available in the Partner Academy

Once you are in a certification program, you can move from course to course within the program and complete them at your own pace. Click the "Start" button shown below to get going.

Rebuy Academy will assess your knowledge of the course materials and your ability to implement the knowledge you've learned.

If for any reason you ever get stuck, please do reach out to [email protected].

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