There are four types of reports that rebuy currently offers,

  • Rebuy Report

  • Post Purchase

  • Marketing Links (Beta)

  • Campaigns (temporarily down)

The Rebuy Report is the report where you will find the most important analytics related to rebuy. This report breaks down most of Rebuy's analytics for you. If you came to this doc looking for a report, then this is the one you are most likely here for.

The Post Purchase Report is a simple breakdown of the analytics that you may find useful for the post-purchase that you have active.

The Marketing Links Report is in the Beta stages of development. For those added to the Beta they'll see this report and a breakdown of what's in it.

The Campaigns Report is in the process of being refactored and is currently unavailable. If you activate a REPLENISHMENT campaign we won't have a report for you at the moment.

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