A post-purchase is an offer that occurs after the customer has bought a product. Right before the customer 'checks-out' the recommendation offer is presented. There are a couple of Post Purchase solutions that Rebuy offers. This is our newest and sleekest. This Post-Purchase is differs greatly from the Shopify and Recharge Thank You pages.

  • Easier to set up than Thank You Pages.

  • Has full data source capability.

  • Has free shipping. (toggleable)

  • Has many features like that of the Thank you Pages. (other than the ones noted here)

  • Can't edit styles like Thank You Pages.

  • Can only recommend one product. (the first one that the data source RETURNS)

Some of the limitations above are due to this offer being new and will be made more extensive as time goes on. However, many of the limitations of this new Post-Purchase are due to Shopify's purposeful limitations regarding checkout and Post-purchase pages. If you would like any of the above features with your post purchase then checkout our Thank You Page widgets.

Creating the Widget

Navigate to Rebuy Admin and go to Widgets, then select “Post Purchase Offer”.

Customizing The Offer

Once you create the widget, you have full power to personalize the recommendation being show in the Data Source, how long the customer has to accept the offer, the language of the widget discounts and more! If you need more insight to data sources checkout more articles here.

Enable the Post Purchase Extension

Enable the Post Purchase Extension in your Shopify Admin: Instructions here. Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions!

View Post Purchase Analytics!

  • Checkout this article for limitations and considerations from Shopify here.

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