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How to Install a Rebuy Widget
How to Install a Rebuy Widget

This article outlines the various ways to install widgets on your online store

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All Rebuy widgets will need to be installed onto your store before they are visible to you and your customers. Depending on the widget and your Shopify theme, there are a few ways to get your widgets installed.

Installing widgets from the widget settings page

If you're not using a 2.0 Shopify theme, you can simply click the "Install" button on the widget settings page and the widget will automatically be installed on your store.

If you are using a 2.0 theme, clicking this button will show you a video guide on how to install your widget using App Blocks.

If your widget is a Cart Cross sell that you want to use in the Smart Cart, you can check the box for your widget in your Smart Cart settings under Cross-Sells widgets instead:

Installing Widgets with App Blocks

If you are using a Shopify 2.0 theme, you'll need to install your widget using app blocks. You can follow this guide in order to do that:

Manual Installation

Another option for merchants using 2.0 themes is to manually install the widget into your theme files. Each widget is contained within an HTML <div> that can be placed into any theme file to render that widget on that page. You can find the <div> to copy and paste into your theme files by scrolling down to the "Placement" section of the widget settings:

Once you copy this HTML, you'll want to paste it into the appropriate file anywhere above the </body> tag in the file.

Here are a few examples of where you'd want to install your widgets:

Product Page Widgets: product.liquid
Gift with Purchase: theme.liquid
Legacy Shopify Checkout Widget: checkout.liquid

Other Widgets

Some widget types require their own unique installation methods, such as Post Purchase and Thank You Page widgets. You can find instructions for installing those widgets here:

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