Data sources are the rules that determine the behavior of your Rebuy Widget and enable brands to create smart shopping experiences and offer customers the right products at the right time!

From a high level, you can use data sources to control things like:

  • What products are recommended

  • Widget Language/Copy

  • Widget Discounts

Watch the video below for use cases and examples of data sources!

A few ways in which you can use Data Sources:

  • Product/Cart Based Rules

    • Recommended products based on what product page the customer is looking at, or what is in their cart.

  • URL / UTM Parameter Rules

    • Recommend products based on what is in the URL, or how a customer clicked through to the store if you are using UTM Parameters.

  • Collection Rules

    • Recommend products based on what collection the product belongs to.

  • Cart Rules

    • Recommend products based on cart line item count, line count, or subtotal.

  • Date Rules

    • Recommend products based on a specific date-great for time-boxed promotions or new product drops!

91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations, according to Accenture, so use our data sources to ensure your customers are getting the most relevant products at each stage of the customer journey!

For more resources on data sources, take a look at our Data Sources Help Docs!

If you have any questions about commonly used terms or acronyms, check out our glossary!

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