This document will walk you through Rebuy billing, definitions, estimating your upcoming invoice, and some FAQs.

To find your billing details, go to billing:

Understanding the billing overview:

  • Account Created:

    • This is when you first installed the app.

  • Current Billing Period:

    • This is the billing period you are currently within.

  • Days Left in Current Billing Period:

    • This is how many days left until your next bill.

  • Current Billing Period Total Cost:

    • This is how much you were charged for the current billing period.

  • Current Billing Period Total Paid:

    • This is how much you have paid for the current billing period.

  • Current Billing Period Total Due:

    • This is how much you owe for the current billing period.

Estimating your upcoming bill:

If you are interested in estimating your upcoming bill, you can go to your reports, click 30 day, and review the results:

Your total order count number will reflect your current orders per the previous 30 days. You can use this number to determine what your upcoming invoice will be.


  • We bill ahead:

    • We prorate our invoices for the upcoming 30 days. For example, your invoice is on 09/01/2022. That invoice will be good for the billing period of 09/01/2022 - 10/01/2022.

  • We calculate our prorated bills based off of the previous 30 days:

    • Since we prorate, we look back at the previous 30 days when it is time to issue a new bill. The results from those 30 days will determine the total billing period cost.

  • We bill in 30 days increments:

    • We bill in a rolling 30 day cycle. Not full month by full month.

  • Will my plan change automatically?

    • Yes. Depending on your monthly OPM & RGR, your plan will reflect and change accordingly. This flexibility gives you the freedom to scale at your own pace.

  • Currency conversion:

    • Our pricing is in US Dollars; if you use another currency, the amount is calculated based on current exchange rates at the time of your invoice.

If you have any other questions, send us those questions through the messenger on this page with your details in hand!

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