Rebuy Billing & Pricing FAQs

How to find your invoice details as well as some commonly asked questions

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This document will walk you through Rebuy billing, definitions, estimating your upcoming invoice, and some FAQs. If you are interested in learning about our current pricing model, you can find that on our website.

Locating Billing Details

It's important to keep track of your Rebuy account billing details. To make this process easy, this article outlines how to access your billing details through the Rebuy Admin Portal.

To access your billing details, follow these steps:

To locate your billing details, you can head into the Rebuy Amin portal, click settings, and select the billing.

Understanding Your Account Information

Keeping track of your account is an important part of using Rebuy. To make sure you are up to date on your account information, understanding these four terms is essential: Account Created, Free Trial Ended, Free Trial End Date, and Next Billing Date.

Account Created

This is when you first installed the app. The Account Created will tell you the approximate date you setup your account.

Free Trial Ended

You will have the option of a free trial when you first sign up for Rebuy. This field will tell you when the free trial is still active or has ended. The field will answer yes or no to let you know if you are still in the free trial.

Free Trial End Date

Similar to the Free Trial Ended field, the Free Trial End Date will show you the exact date your free trial has or will finish.

Next Billing Date

The next billing date is the next time Rebuy will issue an invoice (through Shopify). It will provide you with the date of when you should expect Rebuy to issue the next invoice.

Finding Information About Your Current Plan

You can find out more about our billing plans for your store by reading this section. You can also view the most up-to-date pricing plans for your store by visiting our pricing page.

Understanding Rebuy Usage

Subscribing to Rebuy is easy and convenient, but it's important to understand what each section of the usage dashboard means. Read on to learn more about how to interpret the data on the Rebuy usage dashboard.

Below is a breakdown of the information displayed on the current usage page:

Start Date: This is the date your billing period began.

Days Remaining: The amount of days remaining until the next invoice cycle.

Orders for Period: The number of orders you have accumulated during the current period.

Rebuy Generated Revenue: The total amount of revenue driven by Rebuy within a given period. RGR is only applied to sales driven directly by a Rebuy widget, link, or recommendation workflow.

At Rebuy, our plan tiers are based on the accumulated usage that occurs 30 days prior to the start date of the current billing period. The current accumulated usage for this period is determined as of the end of the prior day in Central Time.

Understanding Your Rebuy Invoice

The Invoice #

The Invoice # field contains the unique identifier for your invoice. This is the only way to reference a particular invoice, so make sure to keep it safe and secure.

Service Period

The Service Period field lists the timeframe of the billing cycle your invoice is for. This timeframe usually covers a single month, but may vary in certain circumstances. Reminder, we bill ahead at 30 day increments. See our FAQ for more info.


The Charges field lists any fees that you are being charged for. This will also list any additional fees, such as taxes, late fees, or other miscellaneous charges.

Billing Plan

The Billing Plan field shows the current version of Rebuy billing you are on. If you would like to change your billing plan, you can do so with ease from your company's account page.

Credits Applied

This refers to the allocation of credits towards the current service period. These credits are deducted from the total owed amount for the specified billing cycle.

Credits Remaining

This indicates the balance of credits that have not yet been utilized and will be carried over to cover expenses in upcoming billing cycles. These remaining credits serve as a credit reserve for future charges and help offset future costs.

The Amount

The Amount field lists the total amount you owe for the given service period. If you would like to check the exact breakdown of the charges, you can do so by clicking on the Invoice #. This will take you to a detailed view of your invoice, with the breakdown of all charges.

The Balance

Any outstanding balance you may have with Rebuy will be listed in the Balance field. This balance will roll over to your next invoice, if it is not paid in full. Keep an eye on your balance to ensure it doesn't become too high!

Estimating Your Upcoming Invoice

If you have an upcoming invoice and you'd like to estimate the amount before receiving it, RebuyEngine can help you compile the necessary information.

Generating Reports

To begin, navigate to the reports page. Once there, select the desired date range you would like to inspect. RebuyEngine typically recommends selecting the 30 day range for the most accurate results.

After entering the desired date range, you should receive two results—the Widget RGR and Post Purchase RGR. Your total order count number will reflect the current orders from the previous 30 days. Your Rebuy sales will account for your RGR (Rebuy Generated Revenue).

The RGR (Rebuy Generated Revenue) is a cumulative number between the Widgets tab and the Post Purchase tab. If you add those numbers up, then you will have your total RGR for the selected time period.

The total OPM (Orders Per Month) is the total orders shown on the widgets reporting analytics tab.

See the articles below for more info on the analytics.


How Does Billing Work?

We prorate our invoices for the upcoming 30 days. For example, your invoice is on 09/01/2022. That invoice will be good for the billing period of 09/01/2022 - 10/01/2022. This helps ensure you are only billed for the days you used the service.

Prorated billing helps provide a more accurate and cost-effective billing system that reduces complexity and over-charging. Since we prorate, our bills are calculated based on the previous 30 days of usage in a rolling 30 day cycle.

What is a Rolling 30 Day Cycle?

A rolling 30 day cycle works by calculating billing based on the days that have passed between two billing cycles. This means that your invoices will not always be a complete month long.

Will my Plan Tier Change?

Yes, your plan tier will automatically change based on your monthly OPM (Orders Per Month) and RGR (Rebuy Generated Revenue). If you surpass either the OPM or RGR within your existing tier, an automatic promotion to the next tier will occur. However, not to worry, if you do find yourself in a situation where your monthly usage pushes you into a higher plan, but you later decrease your usage to stay within the limits of the original plan, the system will automatically revert you to the initial, lower-tier plan.

What Currency Will I be Billed?

The currency we use for pricing is the US Dollar. In the event that you opt for a different currency, the corresponding amount will be computed by taking into account the prevailing exchange rates at the moment your invoice is generated.

Why are There Multiple Line Items on the Charges?

In the event that your usage of Rebuy surpasses the predefined billing cap, your invoice might encompass multiple distinct line items. Each of these individual line items contributes to the overall sum owed to Rebuy. Subsequently, upon your subsequent login to the Rebuy platform, you will be prompted to authorize an adjustment to your billing cap, which is essential to sustain your ongoing access to the product. After receiving your authorization, we will then initiate the invoicing process for the outstanding balance, ensuring a seamless continuation of your product usage.

Does Rebuy work with Shopify Markets?

Yes, Rebuy widgets and features are designed to seamlessly integrate with Shopify Markets. The compatibility ensures that you can enhance your Shopify store's functionality and user experience by incorporating Rebuy widgets. These widgets work in conjunction with Shopify Markers, allowing you to optimize and personalize the shopping experience for your customers.

Should you find yourself seeking clarification or additional details about your existing pricing model, we encourage you to get in touch with our dedicated sales team. Our knowledgeable representatives are readily available to engage in meaningful discussions and provide you with comprehensive insights. Feel free to reach out, as we are committed to ensuring that all your queries regarding pricing are addressed to your satisfaction.

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