Step 1: Disable Your Current Cart Drawer (NA if using full page cart in most cases).

  • Inside your Shopify Admin go to the Widgets tab then click "CUSTOMIZE" on theme you want to add Smart Cart to

  • Now click "Theme Settings" in the bottom of the lefthand column, you might need to scroll to the bottom

  • Click on the section titled "Cart" (might also be titled Cart Drawer, or Cart Page)

  • You will have an option to set a Cart type, set that to "Page" and click save

  • (If you don't see the above options reach out to our team and we can help assist Smart Cart setup)

  • If your theme hard redirects to the cart page when you click add to cart no matter what type of cart setting you choose, custom development may be required.

Step 2: Enable Rebuy Smart Cart

  • From your Rebuy Admin click "Smart Cart" then click "Start Optimizing"

  • By default your Smart Cart will be active on the site, you can toggle "Live Mode" to keep the Smart Cart in a preview mode

  • Your default styling for your Smart Cart will come from your Rebuy theme, click here to update your Rebuy theme

Step 3: Setup Product Recommendations in your Smart Cart

  • Click the Online Store tab in the left hand menu then click "Cart"

  • You will be presented with multiple widget options, find "Recommended (Cart Flyout)" then click "Create New"

  • Navigate back to your Smart Cart and under the "Cross-Sell Widgets" section select the widget you just created!

  • You can edit that widget like any other widget and its settings will be updated in the Smart Cart

Walkthrough Video:

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