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How To Setup And Use The Reorder Landing Pages With Klaviyo
How To Setup And Use The Reorder Landing Pages With Klaviyo

In this article we will walk through exactly how to setup your Reorder Landing Pages as well as preview them and use them in Klaviyo.

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Setting up Your Reorder Landing Page

Step 1: Accessing your Reorder Landing Page in the Rebuy Admin

The Rebuy Reorder Landing Page lives under the Landing Pages section on the left hand, after clicking on Retention click Reorder Landing Pages and from there you will be able to click on and access the Reorder Landing Page.

Step 2: Enable your Reorder Landing Page

Enable the Reorder Landing pages by sliding the Enable toggle. If the page is not enabled and someone clicks on a Reorder Page Link they will be auto redirected back to the homepage.

Step 3: Configure your Data Source

Create and connect the Data Source to control which products will be offered to the customer as a cross-sell. The rule will be based off all products in their order.

For more info on Data Sources click here.

Step 4: Configure the other settings as you see fit

- Announcement Bar allows you to display a message at the top of your page. This could be a threshold for a free gift or a unique discount code.

- Free Shipping allows you to set a price point which the Reorder Cart will show for the user to reach the free shipping threshold

- If you are using Recharge Switch to Subscription will give customers a button to switch each item to a subscription directly inside the mini cart

- Language will allow you to control all the text and copy on the Reorder Landing Page

Previewing your Reorder Landing Page

On your Reorder Landing Page settings page under preview you will see a link like this

Simply replace {{ shopify_order_id }} with a Shopify Order ID and you will be able to immediately access that unique Reorder Page

To find a Shopify Order Id navigate to your Shopify Admin and open any random order

The order # is the numbers at the end which you can use to preview your Reorder Landing Page

Connecting your Reorder Landing Page to Klaviyo

Step 1: Create or use a flow based on the trigger PLACED ORDER

After setting up your Placed Order you can create a flow that looks like the following

Step 2: Design your Reorder Email

Here is a great example from Magic Spoon:

Step 3: Connect your CTA with the Reorder Landing Page

Because this flow is based on the Placed Order Trigger you have access to special events!

The one we will be using is {{ }}

Set the link of your button to the same as preview url swapping {{ shopify_order_id }} with {{ }}

It will look like this:

You're all done!


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