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Drive Repeat Purchases With Reorder Landing Pages and Klaviyo
Drive Repeat Purchases With Reorder Landing Pages and Klaviyo

This guide will outline how to create reorder landing pages and add them to Klaviyo flows to increase conversions and reduce churn.

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Rebuy's Reorder Landing Pages are an easy-to-implement solution that you can and should be leveraging to make repurchases a no-brainer. Coupled with the ability to seamlessly integrate into Klaviyo flows, these landing pages offer the opportunity to engage with previous customers who might not have your products top of mind.

Reorder Landing Pages make it simple for customers to reorder their favorite products and allow you to reap the conversion benefits:

  • Increase sales with a pre-built cart and personalized cross-sells πŸ›’

  • Reduce the # of churned customers with a frictionless reorder experience πŸ“‰

  • Drive recurring revenue with a one-click Switch-to-Subscription feature πŸ”

Creating the Reorder Landing Page

Step 1: Enabling the Reorder Landing Page

The Rebuy Reorder Landing Page can be found under the Landing Pages section on the left-hand sidebar. After clicking on the section's tab, click through to the Reorder Landing Page option where you will be able to configure the settings for the page.

Enable the Reorder Landing Page by sliding the Enabled toggle.

If the page is not enabled and a customer clicks on a Reorder Landing Page link, they will be automatically redirected to the homepage.

Step 2: Configure the Data Source

Before creating the Reorder Landing Page, we recommend that you create a designated Data Source. After creating the ruleset, select which Data Source will power the Reorder Landing Page using the dropdown menu. This rule will be based on all products in the customer's order and will control which products are offered to the customer as a cross-sell.

Click here for a refresher on Rebuy's Data Sources.

Step 3: Configure the remainder of the Reorder Landing Page's settings

  • Announcement Bar: This will allow you to display a message at the top of the Reorder Landing Page, highlighting a unique discount code or price threshold for a free gift.

  • Free Shipping: This will allow you to set a price threshold for which the Reorder Cart will display how close the customer is to achieving free shipping for their order.

  • Switch to Subscription: If you are using a subscription selling plan, this will give customers the option to switch each item to a subscription, directly in the cart.

  • Language: This will allow you to control all dynamic text and copy on the Reorder Landing Page.

Previewing the Reorder Landing Page

Under the Preview section, you will see a link that allows you to see the Reorder Landing Page.

To view, simply replace {{ shopify_order_id }} with a valid Shopify Order ID and you will be able to immediately access that customer's unique Reorder Landing Page.

To find a Shopify Order ID, navigate to your Shopify Admin and open any order. The Shopify Order ID will be displayed at the top of the page (i.e. #1164).

After updating the Preview URL, the URL should look similar to this:

Connecting the Reorder Landing Page to Klaviyo

General Placed Order event in Klaviyo

Step 1: Create or use a flow based on the trigger Placed Order

After creating a new flow in Klaviyo, associate the trigger with Placed Order so that it looks similar to the following flow:

Not sure how to create a new flow in Klaviyo? Read our help documentation.

Step 2: Design your reorder email

After building the flow, you can then design your email or text message in the Klaviyo dashboard to link the Reorder Landing Page in the email's call-to-action (CTA).

Here is a great mockup example:

Step 3: Connect the email CTA with the Reorder Landing Page

Since this flow is based on the Placed Order Trigger, you have access to special event variables within Klaviyo. We recommend using this one: {{ }}

Not sure what event variables are? Read our help documentation.

To configure, set the link of your CTA button to be the same as the Preview URL but swap out {{ shopify_order_id }} for {{ }}. The end result should look similar to this:{{ }}

Another option is to set the link of your CTA button to be the exact same as the Preview URL that can be found in your Rebuy dashboard (scroll up to find the Previewing the Reorder Landing Page section of this document). The end result should look similar to this:

Rebuy Order Placed event variable

You can also include Reorder Landing Pages in emails via the Rebuy Order Placed event variable.

To start, you'll need to create a new flow in Klaviyo using Rebuy's event integration. Read our help documentation if you're not sure how to do this.

Once this is created, follow the same steps as the General Placed Order event in Klaviyo section of this help doc. Instead of using the recommended event variable of {{ }}, you can leverage this Rebuy-specific event variable: {{ event.rebuy_reorder_landing_page }}

Place this event variable within a Klaviyo dynamic block to surface the Reorder Landing Page's link. We've seen some great use cases of the event variable being included in a text block or CTA button.

What's next?

After you link the Reorder Landing Page to the email CTA, you are ready to start driving repeat purchases!

If you are using Recharge to manage subscriptions, Rebuy also has the ability to create Reactivate Landing Pages. Click here to read our setup documentation.

Good news, the Rebuy integration for Klaviyo doesn't stop here! We have 2 other integration features that you should check out:

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